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Core Principles


Mathematics is much more than just memorising and practicing exam questions. With Mathigon, students can explore and investigate, discovering new ideas independently. This is more fun as well as much more effective in teaching problem solving and logical reasoning, and inspiring curiosity and imagination.


All student are different, and shouldn’t have to learn exactly the same. Mathigon gives every student a personal curriculum that matches their interests and goals. As we learn more about their abilities and learning style, we can seamlessly adapt content and explanations, almost like a virtual personal tutor.


Mathematics is often taught as a collection of abstract concepts without any context. At Mathigon, every lesson has a captivating narrative that gives a concrete reason for using mathematics, while making the content more engaging and memorable. This includes real applications, puzzles, historic context, and even fictional stories.


What Users Say

“Mathigon is a mathematical wonderland. The mathematics is presented clearly and elegantly, with a strong educational mission throughout.”

Simon Singh, bestselling author of “Fermat’s Last Theorem”

“I’m so excited someone is taking up the task of making historial & interactive lessons with a narrative throughout. I’ll be using this with my kids.”

Brit Cruise, Khan Academy

“Mathigon succeeded in the impossible, making maths fun – bringing it to life with colour, animation & games”


“A treasure chest full of advanced math concepts.”

Academics’ Choice Awards Reviewer

“This is unlike the other online interactive textbooks I’ve seen. It’s more … alive. Really, textbook is the wrong word, because this is something totally new. ”


“This is the most beautiful presentation of subject matter that I have seen. I’ll be recommending mathigon.org to all teachers.”

Gordon Hamilton, Director of MathPickle

“Be ready to be visually blown away. AMAZING math resources for classroom!”

Michelle Lynn, @melynntwit

“A true masterpiece. Rarely do I ever say that…”

Victor M, via the Chrome Web Store