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Active Learning

Our innovative new content format makes mathematics more interactive than ever before. At every step students have to actively participate, explore, and discover new ideas.

Unlike videos and other textbooks, students don’t just consume information: they engage through problem solving, reasoning and creativity.


A virtual personal tutor guides students through new topics, and gives real time hints and encouragement – almost like 1:1 coaching.

As we learn more about you, our algorithms can seamlessly adapt and personalise the content, allowing everyone to achieve mastery.


Every course is filled with colourful illustrations, puzzles, animations and real-life applications. A captivating narrative makes the content more accessible and memorable.

Discover why mathematics is much more than abstract equations and procedures: incredibly useful and surprisingly beautiful.

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“One of the most accessible and engaging maths resources available on the web, a true mathematical wonderland.”

Alex Bellos, The Guardian

“Mathigon succeeded in the impossible, making maths fun – bringing it to life with colour, animation & games”


“Mathigon is a mathematical wonderland. The mathematics is presented clearly and elegantly, with a strong educational mission throughout.”

Simon Singh, bestselling author of “Fermat’s Last Theorem”

“This is what your iPads were made for!”

Drew Foster, Maths Specialist at Maths Whizz

“This is unlike the other online interactive textbooks I’ve seen. It’s more … alive. Really, textbook is the wrong word, because this is something totally new.”


“The content of Mathigon is superb. The interactive elements add clarity and invite more thought.”

Educational App Store Review

“This is the most beautiful presentation of subject matter that I have seen. I’ll be recommending mathigon.org to all teachers.”

Gordon Hamilton, Director of MathPickle

“A true masterpiece. Rarely do I ever say that…”

Victor M, via the Chrome Web Store