Mathigon for Teachers
Coming soon!

We want to make it as easy as possible for teachers to use Mathigon in the classroom – no matter how you like to teach, or which technology you have access to. All of our resources are completely free; simply create an account to access them. Please email us if you have any questions or feedback!

Blended Learning

Mathigon contains amazing content for the entire mathematics curriculum. Simply pick a course and tell your students to work through it – as a homework assignment, or on within a flipped classroom setting. A teacher dashboard shows detailed analytics on their progress and mastery.

Mathigon works on tablets and laptops, and evey student will automatically get a highly interactive and personalised experience. Our content is aligned to the US Common Core and other national curricula.

Lesson Plans and Interactive Components

If you’d rather teach the content yourself, you can still use Mathigon as inspiration. Every course comes with a corresponding lesson plan for teachers, and we have a library of all the interactive games and components to use on a whiteboard or to embed in other platforms (e.g. Google Classroom or OneNote).

Additional Resources

In addition to the core curriculum content, Mathigon contains many other resources that can help make mathematics more fun and exciting: mathematical origami, a treasure hunt, puzzles and games, fun presentations, and much more.

The teacher dashboard is still under development. If you sign up, we’ll keep you updated!