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Mathigon contains courses, activities and resources for the entire mathematics curriculum, all of which are completely free to use. We've made our content as flexible and accessible as possible – no matter how you like to teach, or which technology you and your students have access to.

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Our highly interactive courses are aligned to national standards like the US Common Core. Students can explore them as a homework assignment, in a “flipped classroom”, or when learning remotely.

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Polypad is a library of virtual manipulatives: from polygons and fraction bars, to algebra tiles and random dice. Teachers and students can share links to their saved canvases. Explore…

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On our teacher dashboard, you can track your students’ progress in real time and see all their saved Polypad canvases. You can also import student rosters directly from Google Classroom. Learn more…

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Here you can discover games like Factris, Origami folding instructions, multiplication flash cards, a customisable treasure hunt, a timeline, puzzle calendars, and so much more. Explore…

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We are working on a library of stand-alone versions of all the interactive simulations and widgets from our courses, which you can use on smartboards or embed in other platforms.

Polypad Lesson Plans

Pentomino Perimeters

US Grades 4–8

Students explore the perimeter of shapes made from pentominoes. They learn to work systematically and construct reasoned arguments.

Shapes Round a Vertex

US Grades 6–8

Students explore the internal angles of regular polygons, and decide whether polygons can be joined together without any gaps.

How Many Rectangles?

US Grades 5–8

Students discover topics like factors, multiples, and prime numbers using a concrete, visual representation.

Tetromino Reptiles

US Grades 5–8

Students use tetrominoes as a context for exploring enlargements (dilations) and scale factors. Which “rep-tiles” can your students create?

Making Money

US Grades 3–6

Number bars can help students visualise different ways of making a specific amounts of money using 1p/1c and 2p/2c coins.