Timeline of Mathematics

Travel though time and discover the greatest mathematicians and biggest mathematical discoveries in history.


The ultimate collection of virtual manipulatives: polygons, number and algebra tiles, fraction bars, Tangram, pentominoes, and much more.

Mathematical Origami

Explore the beautiful world of Origami and mathematics. Be amazed by stunning photographs, try our folding instructions, or learn about the mathematical background.

Applications of Mathematics

Learn about the countless hidden applications which mathematics has in everyday life: from computers to weather prediction, video games, medicine, sports and music.

Exploding Dots

This is an astounding mathematical story developed for Global Math Week. Join millions of students and teachers in learning about place value, infinity and p-adic numbers.

Alice in Fractalland

When Alice falls down the rabbit hole, she discovers curious and wonderful mathematics: Pascal’s triangle on a colour changing floor, sequences of rabbit generations, and beautiful, never-ending fractals

Simon Singh’s Parallel

A weekly collection of fun and challenging exercises, designed to encourage young mathematicians to explore mathematics, written by bestselling author Simon Singh.

Treasure Hunt

Here is the most exciting mathematics lesson yet! This treasure hunt consists of ten clues distributed all over the school site, each containing a challenging maths puzzle.

Eureka Magazine

Eureka, published by the mathematical society of Cambridge University, is one of the oldest recreational mathematics magazines in the world. Authors include Stephen Hawking, Martin Gardner, Paul Dirac and Ian Stewart.

Problems and Puzzles

A selection of our favourite mathematical puzzles and problems. Most are simple to understand, but the solutions require clever and unconventional thinking.


A treasure hunt app that can be used in schools, museums or science centers. Find all the polygons with your camera, and use them to construct Platonic and Archimedean solids.

Ocean’s Infinity

How do you get infinitely rich without anyone noticing? By robbing a hotel with infinitely many rooms. In this slideshow, Danny Ocean will share all his underworld secrets…

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