Mathematics Come to Life
Polygons and Polyhedra
Game Theory
Axioms and Proof
Dimensions and Distortions
Graph Theory

Mathematics has never been so colourful

The World of Mathematics

Dive into a colourful and engaging world, discovering some of the most exciting and curious mathematical ideas. Using interactive games, animations and countless illustrations, advanced mathematics becomes accessible to both children and adults.

Topics range from fractals to infinity, prime numbers, game theory, group theory and quantum mechanics.

Textbooks Come to Life

Mathigon Active

Imagine an education platform that merges textbooks, videos, games and forums. That adapts and evolves in real time, to match every student’s needs. A platform that combines powerful interactivity with intuitive controls. Now stop imagining…

Imagine. Discover. Explore.

Eureka Magazine

Eureka, published by the mathematical society of Cambridge University, is one of the oldest recreational mathematics magazines in the world.

Authors include Stephen Hawking, Martin Gardner, Paul Dirac and Ian Stewart.

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Fractal Fiction

“Edutainment” at its best: Alice discovering the secrets of FractalLand, Ocean’s Eleven robbing an infinite hotel, or Harry Potter discovering the mysteries of space and time.

These slideshows combine famous stories with important mathematical concepts.

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Learn about the countless hidden uses and applications which mathematics has in everyday life:

From computers to traffic control, from weather prediction to video games, construction, medicine, sports, music or gambling…


Mathematical Origami

Explore the beautiful world of Origami and Mathematics – from Platonic and Archimedean solids to stars and compounds.

Containing stunning photographs, folding instructions and mathematical explanations.


Problem Book

A selection of challenging and diverse mathematical puzzles. While most are very simple to explain, the solutions require clever and unconventional approaches.

So get coffee, pencils and paper ready, and start thinking …

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History of Science

From Archimedes to Leonardo da Vinci, from the Steam Engine to the Moon Landing: this interactive timeline leads you through 3000 years of inventions and discoveries, which have shaped the world we live in.

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